We offer two different subscription types:

 Monthly Ground Coffee & Monthly Cold Brew Coffee. Each subscription type has many different options catered from home enjoyment to full scale event/work space. If any questions arise, please click the chat box and we will write back to you as soon as possible

Monthly  Ground Coffee Subscription

40₪ per month

SAVING 10₪ a month (50₪ value)

250gr. ground coffee 

Casual Drinker

80₪ per month

SAVING 10₪ a month (50₪ value)

500gr. ground coffee

Morning Coffee

150₪ per month

SAVING 20₪ a month (170₪ value)

1kg. ground coffee 

Avid Coffee Drinker

300₪ per month

SAVING 40₪ a month (340₪ value)

2kg. ground ground coffee 

Caffeinate Me!

450₪ per month

SAVING 60₪ a month (510₪ value)

3kg. ground coffee 

Caffeinate My Home

800₪ per month

SAVING 220₪ a month (1,020₪ value)

6kg. ground coffee

250gr ground coffee each 

Caffeinate My Community!

Monthly Cold Brew Subscription

40₪ per month

SAVING 15₪ a month (65₪ value)

1 Liter bottle concentrate


80₪ per month

SAVING 50₪ a month (130₪ value)

2 Liter bottles concentrate

Cold Brew?

Don't Mind If I Cold DO!

200₪ per month

SAVING 60₪ a month (260₪ value)

4 Liter bottles concentrate

The Mayor of Coffee

500₪ per month

SAVING 475₪ a month (975₪ value)

15 Liter bottles


Caffeinate My Community!

800₪ per month

SAVING 760₪ a month (1,560₪ value)


24 Liter bottles concentrate

(Ideal for work spaces and special events)

Caffeinate my Community