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The Story Behind The Mayor of Java

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The Mayor of Java is Erez Coffee’s flagship blend. By far our most popular flavor, this blend of Indonesian coffee has a robust and memorable flavor. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers of coffee, exporting about one-fourth of the world’s coffee supply. As is the case with most of the top suppliers of coffee today--among them Brazil, Vietnam, Costa Rica and others-- the history of the coffee industry in Indonesia is intimately tied up in the history of colonialism and European imperialism. Coffee was first introduced to the island in 1696 by the Dutch governor, who was given coffee seedlings from the Dutch governor of India. These seedlings came from Yemen, where the coffee plant originated. By 1717, the Dutch East India Company was shipping close to 2,000 pounds of Indonesian coffee to Europe, thus making Indonesia the first producers of coffee outside of its native Arabia and Ethiopia. Indonesian coffee quickly became a sensation throughout Europe (more on the coffee craze in later posts!) and helped the Dutch Empire gain tremendous wealth. This wealth in turn supported the Dutch Renaissance, which brought us such figures as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Pieter Brueghel. This direct connection between overseas empire, the export of local resources into the European market and the artistic and scientific discoveries of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries is one we will see repeat itself throughout our journey into the origin of our coffee blends. Together with the Indonesian production of sugar and indigo, coffee growing in Indonesia continued to grow under Dutch management. Today coffee is produced in a variety of areas around the island including Java.

The Javanese coffee is unique in that it is mainly Arabica, as opposed to the rest of the Indonesian coffees which are mostly Robusta. The Javanese Arabica beans are considered particularly high quality and are robust in taste without being acidic.

In respecting this venerable history, the Javanese bean was one of the first of Erez Coffee’s blends. Formidable and impressive on its own, the bold Javanese Arabica is also ideal for mixing with other blends as well as for blending with spiced infusions and sweet milk. For its important history, its delicious flavor and its versatility, The Mayor of Java is no doubt a beloved and respected member of the Erez Coffee lineup.


Try out this recipe at home!

Mayor of Java

favorite milk

maple syrup

The Mayor of Java also works great in your favorite coffee cocktail. Try this recipe out too.

50 ml whisky

50 ml Erez coffee Mayor of Java

25 ml lemon juice

tablespoon simple syrup or maple

dash of bitters


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