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Caffeinating our community with mindfulness <3

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

At Erez Coffee, we love a delicious cup of coffee. We believe that an important component of enjoying that coffee is understanding its origin and respecting its heritage. The coffee industry is one with a long and fraught history. While it brought enormous wealth and prestige to many, to countless others it brought great suffering and displacement. It is important to recognize this difficult truth and contend with it face-on and with a nuanced perspective. Erez Coffee is dedicated to bringing a new attitude towards the consumption of coffee, one with more awareness, mindfulness and appreciation. The goals of these posts are two-fold: to explore the history of the coffee trade and understand coffee’s status in the global economy as well as explaining Erez Coffee’s flavors and blends and how we try to infuse our coffee with a sense of history and appreciation. We hope they bring a new awareness to your coffee drinking. Enjoy!

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