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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the coffee last before going bad?

A:Two weeks in the fridge.

Q: I see white little specs after a few days. Is that bad?

A: No, those are natural oils from the coffee. It melts immediately and will not harm you.

Q: How much coffee does the concentrate make?

A: This is completely subjective, but we personally like strong coffee over ice or with milk. a typical bottle of concentrate can make twice its amount or more.

Q: What is so special about cold brew coffee? How is it different than a cold Americano?

A: Cold brew coffee, as the name suggests, is brewed for a longer period of time in cold water, resulting in decreased acidity and bitterness than your typical hot brewed coffee. The taste is rich and aromatic, giving one the ability to taste the nuances and origin of the beans. The aftertaste is smooth and its gentle on the stomach. Plus, it has double the caffeine and no crash!


Q: What is special about Erez cold brew coffee? 

A: We are the first company to bring premium quality cold brew coffee to Israel, using only the finest quality coffee beans in our brews, each brought here from a different corner of the world. Each "Mayor" of ours has its own character, taste, and story. We also never stop releasing new cold brews for you to enjoy!

Q: Why did you name your company after yourself?

A: No one in our company is named Erez (yet). The name "Erez" in Hebrew translates to Cedar Tree!

Q: Do you deliver outside of Tel Aviv, Israel?

A: Absolutely. We currently deliver to all Gush Dan, Sharon, Jerusalem, and Modiin areas. We are always trying to expand so if you live outside those areas and would still like to order, please contact us so we can find a solution for your coffee needs. 

Q: How long does it take for delivery to arrive?

A: We aim for same day delivery, but depending on your location and amount of orders, 1-3 business days. (Jerusalem & Modi'in area every Wednesday)

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