Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the coffee last before going bad?

A:Two weeks in the fridge

Q: I see white little specs after a few days, is that bad?

A: No. This is completely normal, it is minerals from the water that mix with the oils in the coffee. You will not feel them when you drink it and it will not harm you.


Q: How much coffee does the concentrate make?

A: This is completely subjective, We personally like strong coffee so over ice or with milk is how we like it, but it can make up to twice its amount.

Q: What is so special about cold brew coffee? How is it different than cold Americano?

A: Cold brew coffee has a long brew time with cold water which results in less acidic and less bitter coffee. It is a strong brew and allows you to really taste the uniqueness of the coffee bean's origin. It has a smooth aftertaste, double the caffeine, no crash, and is easier on the stomach. If you appreciate the taste of good coffee, hate waiting in lines, need boosts of energy in the morning or at work, then cold brew is perfect for you.


Q: What is special about Erez cold brew coffee? 

A: Unlike our competitors who use cheap leftover coffee beans from the roasting house, We use PREMIUM quality coffee beans. We don't dilute our concentrate in order to save on costs, and we are constantly releasing new cold brews and cold brew related products.

Q: Why did you name your company after yourself?

A: No one in our company is named Erez (yet) and the name Erez also means Cedar Tree in Hebrew. We are Cedar Tree Coffee Co (Translated into English)