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The story of Erez Coffee is one of cultural fusion. Founded by immigrants who made Aliyah to Israel from the United States, bringing with them their own traditions and passions.  As lovers of history, culture and cuisine, they created Erez Coffee to bridge the gap between the many nations around the world, each of which has its own unique spin on the timeless drink.  While teaching high school history, they had a specific longing for the rich cold brew they knew from the states, but as they dug deeper, they realized the endless potential and versatility that lives in coffee. The possibilities are as numerous as the people of the world, and each “Mayor” has its own character, flavor and personality.  

Erez cold brew coffee is brewed in cold filtered water for 12 to 24 hours, resulting in an elevated flavor profile, reduced bitterness, and a robust, full-bodied structure that’s refreshing and easy on the stomach.  The increased caffeine offers the boost needed for the intensity of the Israeli climate and lifestyle.  And although Erez cold brew coffee packs a punch that will carry you through the day from morning to night, every sip enables one to sense and connect to the delicate nuances of its origins.  Each bottle of Erez Coffee is an encapsulation of different traditions, histories, tastes and energies!  Each one is unique.  So when you drink your coffee to fuel your passions and aspirations, be mindful of what’s within each sip.  Enjoy it, enjoy Israel, enjoy Erez Coffee.

San Diego
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